2021: there are already predictions of the color trend for decoration

This year 2021 is so complex that we are all already looking forward to 2021.The house has been our shelter and if you want to keep it connected in the trends, come and see the trend color for 2021.Every year, the tones of our house are a little influenced by the trends of the moment. You can notice in magazines, shop windows and decoration shops that it is quite common that, from year to year, the aesthetics of the furniture and the most predominant colours change. Some companies dedicate themselves in a concrete and expansive way to make forecasts about what will be the decoration trends for the following years. In the mind of these companies are the most predominant inspirations of the moment, the recommendations of the influencers of the moment and an analysis that considers the design trends, including the pure aesthetics and the components of the important .This year, even though it is a little before 2021, there are already some predictions about the color trend for the decoration of houses in the future and that consider, precisely, the whole environment and all the emotional reality anchored in the choice of shades of decoration.

Come and see the trend shade, the company that announced it and all the reasons for this prediction.

The color trend and its announcement It was

WGSN who announced the color trend for 2021.This is a company that evaluates several aspects and collects information to forecast future trends in this sector.According to the company, the Aegean Sea and the technology are at the base of the decoration of the year to come and, therefore, its bet is that the color trend in interior decoration is the AI Aqua.AI Aqua is a very specific shade of blue that has a natural touch of sea and a digital touch, since much of today's technology is inspired by nature to create its shades and lines. Believing that people will continue to try to connect and align with the speed of technology, the company presents this shade as the potential trend, considering it still an immersive and intense shade, which will help people to be more connected to digital.

How can you apply AI Aqua in your home?

The options to make use of AI Aqua are close to infinite and depend on how much you want to change your spaces. If you want a more intense change, this will be a good option for furniture - like sofas and armchairs - or to paint some of your walls. For smaller changes, you can apply smaller decorative elements such as cushions, blankets, vases or curtains in this shade.This blue looks great when mixed with grays, black and white and can create fun and intense environments if you prefer to mix it with other lively and vibrant shades.As it is a cold shade that reminds you of the sea, your spaces will look more peaceful and serene, helping you to be calm but at the same time well connected with the whole modernity environment and its electronic component.