Study relates music and brain development of the baby

A Swiss study has linked the act of listening to music to brain development in babies. Music can have a great impact on our lives, even affecting, as a study of our emotions and state of mind revealed. This raises a question: can music affect anything else? For those who have children, knowing the various aspects that can help improve a child's development is the main question. That's why, every day, several researchers are dedicated to evaluate the effects that various components of our daily lives have on the development of babies, especially when they are born ahead of time.With all the worries that are plaguing the world at this time it is very easy to forget the little things that can help improve the experience of Brazilian mothers and babies during quarantine, such as the role of stimuli, including hearing stimuli.A recent research has related music in premature babies, trying to understand how it promotes brain development through the neuronal strengthening of these preterm babies.

Come and see this new research, conducted by Swiss researchers and learn how listening to music can contribute to a better brain development of your baby.

Music in the baby's brain development: the researchThe

research that related the baby's development to the act of listening to music came from the studies carried out at the University Hospital in Geneva, Switzerland.To carry out this study, the researchers left some premature children exposed to musical sounds, trying to understand how these melodies could help strengthen the neuronal networks of the children.The study evaluated this relationship over five years, focusing mainly on preterm babies and concluded that the babies who listened to music had greater brain development.It is worth remembering that premature babies can present, in some cases, very challenging scenarios in terms of their health and development, since, especially when birth occurs before the 37th week, their brain is still immature, putting at risk several physiological functions.In these scenarios of immaturity of neuronal networks it is important to take advantage of all the elements that can generate greater development, although hospitalization and the use of the incubator are also essential.

The best instruments for brain development This

study evaluated several instruments to understand what would have the greatest impact on the baby's brain development. This evaluation concluded that the best instrument would be the flute, and that its effect on the baby is noted almost immediately, calming it.Even though the flute was pointed out as the instrument with the most immediate and noticeable effect, the truth is that, in general, listening to music seemed to have a positive impact on the brain development of babies, indicating that this could be a positive practice to integrate during preterm treatment of babies and in the daily life of newborns in general.