The best travel destinations in Brazil

Travelling is one of the trends of the century and, all over the world, some destinations become particularly special. Brazil has some of the places that national and foreign tourists love most. Our country is a very appealing destination and there is no shortage of people of other nationalities taking their holidays in Brazilian cities. The national tourist offer is intense and now, with the potential, it is hoped that new casinos and resorts will also open that will make the country even more appealing for travellers around the globe.Although the whole Brazilian territory is of interest to tourists, there are some regions that seem to be more sought after by those who want to live their holidays with all the pleasure of the beaches, the landscapes and the Brazilian culture.

Today, we present some of the places in Brazil that national and foreign tourists seek most for their holidays. Come to know the best travel destinations in Brazil and realize the reasons of these destinations are the predilection of visitors.

São Miguel dos Milagres You

can find this city in the region of the north coast of Alagoas. This is one of the visitor's favorite destinations, since its natural pools and rich beaches allow you to enjoy a great natural beauty and live all the pleasure of the ocean with some peace and privacy. This city has a rustic and simple touch, with its villages and its restaurants, where you can enjoy very tasty dishes.

Many people consider that, for its warm calm waters, this city is the real Brazilian Caribbean.

2.Porto de GalinhasThe

Brazilian Northeast has one of the most appreciated places by tourists, the Porto de Galinhas. Porto de Galinhas is located in Ipojuca, Pernambuco state, and has many outstanding hotels and restaurants. Its sea is very calm, being this a very sought after region by people who want to give safe beach days to their children. The natural beauty of the region is another of its positive points.



Serra Gaúcha is a city that is almost a must for Brazilians who want to know their country but who dream of a visit to Europe: the Gramado. The Gramado has a beautiful architecture of German influence, which creates the sensation of being in a European country and is also reinforced by the Italian gastronomy that predominates in the city. This city is also very well known for its Grape and Wine Route and for its Christmas celebrations.

4.Fernando NoronhaThe

last city we bring to you is the isolated Fernando Noronha but, what adds to its costs and fees to visit the city, compensates in the paradisiacal beauty of this island, of incomparable natural beauty. Its Sancho Bay has come to be considered the most beautiful beach in the world and this is a place for those who wish the greatest pleasure and relaxation in their holidays.